Committed to the Cross Ministries

Seminar Speaker


  • What Do You Want From Me, Lord?: Determining God’s Will for your life
  • God Has Spoken, But What Has He Said?: Rightly Dividing the Word of God
  • Bad News, Good News: The Gospel In Modern Evangelism
  • Can We Really Trust the Bible?: Answering the Objections of Unbelievers
  • How to Interpret the Bible: This concerns the basics of hermeneutics including the need, purpose, and process.
  • The Will of God: rethinking the concept of individual, specific, and perfect will of God
  • Defeating the Dragons of the World based on Stephen D. Eyer’s book Defeating the Dragons of the World: Resisting the Seduction of False Values. The seminar compares false values of culture to Biblical values.
  • The Parables of Jesus: Catching Jesus’ Point(s)

Pastor and Pulpit Supply

Rob has served as a pastor and a Christian school administrator. He has been active in missions work in Barbados, Belgium, Germany, Poland, and South Africa.

Rob is willing to entertain an invitation to your church if you find you are in need of a speaker.