Committed to the Cross Ministries


From people who have experienced Rob's performances.

Rob insists in providing the highest quality performance, while delivering the message of the gospel through his drama presentations. Interaction between Rob and his audiences is highly encouraged. He is determined to meet the expectations of his audiences. Here are some people who have enjoyed Rob’s performances. Rob is available to schedule for future performances. Please Contact Rob to schedule a meeting.

Charles Arsenault

Lead Pastor, Evangel Temple, Springfield Missouri

A teacher of boundless enthusiasm, Rob is a master at gathering selective and purposeful Biblical information and illustrating it through drama. He is gifted with creativity, imagination, and an effectiveness that draws people to the Lord.

Dr. Paul Brooks

Vice President for Academics Southwestern AG University

What I witnessed Dr. Starner do in our recent chapel was to present an exposition of Galatians through the medium of drama. By considered intonations, effective pauses, pronounced facial expressions and carefully chosen words, he portrayed the message of Galatians as an outcome of sound exegesis of the passage. In the final analysis, Dr. Starner’s presentation is another form of expository preaching aimed effectively at both the cognitive and affective domains of the attentive listener.

Albert Cortez

Lead Pastor, Family Life Assembly of God, Katy, Texas

The folks at our church are STILL talking about Rob’s SPECTACULAR presentation! “Off-Broadway” with an anointing!

John Pierce

First Assembly of God, Waco, Texas

Rob literally acts out the sermon by reciting Galatians, but with incredible zeal and emotion…it was powerful! PTL!

Pastor Rob Thoreson

Trinity Tabernacle, Baytown, Texas

Rob did an excellent job presenting Galatians, as Paul, to our congregation a few months ago. Our people really enjoyed the presentation as well as getting to interact with Rob! I highly recommend that any pastor looking for someone to present Biblical truths to their congregations bring Dr. Starner to their church!